Our Mission

The mission of Cannabis Education Seminars is to bring together elected leaders and regulators at the state and local governments with existing and potential business owners to help improve the the operating climate for the rapidly expanding California cannabis industry. Cannabis Education Seminars’ conversations educate leaders in the public and private sectors leading to informed regulation and business compliance to maximize earnings and revenue.


Who is putting on the seminars?

The seminars are put on by our generous sponsors including MGO, Weedmaps, CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Canna-Centers, Veterans Cannabis Group, and others.

Why should I come to a seminar?

Our seminars are an opportunity for you to learn and contribute to the discussion with the change makers and major players who are driving the cannabis industry forward. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn what you can do to make a difference in your local cannabis market.

What’s the cost of attending a seminar?

They are free to attend. The seminars are being offered as an accessible educational opportunity to learn more about the Cannabis industry and what is being done on the business and policy sides of the equation.

Do I need to pre-register for a seminar?

No, but pre-registration is suggested. Pre-registering will allow you to receive reminder emails as well as updates on the latest news regarding your seminar.

Who will the panelists be?

Our seminars will connect you with those at the forefront of the Cannabis discussion in California. Local and state policymakers, public health leaders, economic experts, social advocacy leaders, and public safety professionals will all be speaking to their specific expertise in the Cannabis marketplace.

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